Personal Licence Holders Course (England and Wales)

Personal Licence Holder Course

To obtain a Personal Licence in England and Wales you need to have successfully completed the PLH Course. This course is available online, with narrated videos and progress tests, backed up with a digital handbook and provides the opportunity for you to decide when and where you study and sit the online assessment.  Results are instant and if you are having an off day and have to resit then the price of £99.99  covers that too.

Training is  as mentioned,supported by a handbook which is written in an easy to follow format covering all the information needed for the exam.

To be able to complete the online assessment you will be required to log onto the digital invigilation platform using your unique credentials, which we will provide.  You will have to comply with exam conditions by using a webcam.

Set up only takes a few minutes and support will be avilable to you.

What you will need:

You will need to be in an isolated area where you will not be disturbed or interrupted





Please get in touch here to find out more and to enrol for only £99.99 

The PLH Course elements are as follows:

Introduction to Licensing in England and Wales

Types of Licence

The Licensing Objectives

It really is as easy as this by clicking here we can get you enrolled on the course and by this time tomorrow, you may have successfully completed the course!!